Transportation actvisits Installed a ghostbike Memorial and Plaque for Ivan Morales, who was hit and killed while riding his bike home from work in a Protected Bike Lanes on Willis Ave., near 138th Street in June. Photo: Kevin Daloia

Bike activists urge safety reforms following two fatal accidents in Mott Haven

 As fatal bike accidents mount across the borough, some Bronxites want to ensure that riders’ safety becomes a priority for city transportation officials. 

On June 29, members and volunteers from Transportation Alternative Bronx Committee (TABX), and Street Memorials joined community members, to secure a symbolic “ghostbike” at the location of the crash.

One rider, Ivan Morales, was killed on June 8 in a crash on Willis Avenue and 138th St. a. Days later Jose Garcia was run over by a box truck on Park Ave., near 138th Street. The driver of the truck said he had “swerved to avoid a double-parked car” and “did not see the bicycle” on Park Avenue three blocks away.

They were the the fifth and sixth cyclists killed in the city this year. 

In 2019, The transportation department committed to installing Jersey Barriers on the South side of the bridge, protecting the users of the greenway, but a date has not been set.  

A third Bronx bicyclist was killed on June 21 at around 5 p.m by the driver of a jeep on The Pelham Bay Bridge.