Community Board 1 debates parks and trash fines at Metropolitan College in The Hub on Jan. 30. Photo: Parker E. Quinlan

Residents talk trash: sanitation tickets cause a stir at community board

After residents complained that they are being unfairly ticketed over trash, a representative from the sanitation department was taken to task over code enforcement by members of Community Board 1 at their January meeting.

Angry that the Department of Sanitation has been issuing too many enforcement tickets and not allowing enough time to fix violations, an agency representative promised to report back about why so many tickets have been issued.

Sanitation representative Adam Dobrzynski encouraged residents to report code violations to 311 so that enforcement can better target specific problem areas for trash, such as vacant lots where trash is harbored.

In another issue concerning residents, representatives from the city’s parks department and Economic Development Corporation presented their interagency plan to redevelop the Lower Concourse section of the Bronx in Port Morris.

The $194 million project will include a 2.3 acre park along the Harlem river between 144th and 146th Streets, as well as mixed use development and some affordable housing.

Some residents voiced concerns that the project, which seeks to transform the area west of the Major Deegan Expressway, will be inaccessible to the community and may contribute to ongoing gentrification in the area.