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It's all about yield, or is it?

When conducting research on plant extractors, business owners and investors simply want to understand the rate of return on their investment. The problem is that yield isn't the only part of the equation. If your goal is to extract medicinal compounds and you get high yields of fats, waxes and chlorophyll, there's nothing profitable about that business.

Warning. If an extraction company starts claiming they have the highest yields on the market, you need to walk away. (When recording yields, keep track of starting weight, total yield, moisture content and yield after wintering so you have something to compare your yields to).

Having high yields is important, but high yields don't mean much if you aren't creating the high quality extract your customers are asking for. The image above shows a cannabis extract harvested in Portland, Oregon using careddi supercritical technology.

Variables that determine yield and quality include ......
Plant material - Test your plant material for botanical characteristics and potential contaminants before performing a CO2 extraction. Typically, moisture content is the enemy of any extraction process.
System - Many CO2 systems apply heat during the extraction process that can thermally degrade your medicinal plant extract. This added heat makes creating products such as crushing impossible. The system also includes your brand standard operating procedures (SOPs) for preparing your botanical material.
Solvents - Some solvents are more powerful than others, and many are actually harmful to human health.

Plant Materials

The first step to creating amazing cannabis or plant extracts is having a reliable and trustworthy growing partner (or becoming vertically integrated).

Cannabis plants must be harvested at the optimal time in order to maximize the chemical composition of your plant material. Your plant extraction process may be perfect, but if you don't have quality material, you're wasting your time and money.

Trim (cannabis waste) is one of the most common plant materials that is put into the Co2 extractor. When you prepare your plant material, it is crucial to know what type of cannabis extract you want to create on the back end.

Extraction Systems
In the careddi supercritical CO2 extractor, you can use temperature and pressure to adjust the yield and quality of your extracts.

When just dealing with a CO2 extractor, you have to take into account the difference between the liquid extraction stage and the gaseous stage. Most of our competitors focus only on the simple process of liquid CO2 extraction and many will claim that liquid CO2 extractors offer the best yield and therefore are the best for your business, but this simplification of your ROI equation is misleading in the best case. Liquid CO2 extraction requires higher temperatures than gaseous CO2 extraction and therefore produces poorer extracts.

If you are looking to preserve the medicinal benefits of volatile phytochemicals, then liquid pumping is not for you. The only way to pump liquid CO2 and maintain a safe temperature is by installing a separate cooler than increasing your energy costs and upfront investment (the careddi 5000 PSI machine actually utilizes this method). Gas pumping is the right way to go if you are looking to optimize the medicinal properties of your extracts, and if you are pumping liquid CO2, make sure your machine is equipped with a proper cooler.

careddi supercritical CO2 design allows for cold separation and we actually use the heat given off by our diaphragm compressor to heat the water jacket surrounding the separation vessel. Without warm water flowing through these water jackets, your separator will turn into a block of ice. Pretty neat, right? - The careddi Co2 extractor requires no additional cooler/heater and is a more sustainable design than the competition. Have you done a sustainability analysis of your extraction process? If you are interested in learning more, please send me a direct message.

All careddi machines are 100% automated and record data during each extraction process. Why add extra workload to your staff when all data tracking can be automated? Data tracking also allows the careddi customer service team to easily resolve any issues that may occur.

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