Revitalized community garden opens on College Ave.

Revitalized community garden opens on College Ave.

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A small, rectangular lot on College Avenue that until two years ago sat vacant in the shadow of tall buildings is now on its way to becoming an oasis, thanks to the efforts of neighborhood volunteers and a citywide nonprofit. 

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Park-goers adjust to new syringe disposal boxes

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Some South Bronx residents consider the city’s plan to install syringe disposal boxes in their parks a mixed bag. They know something must be done, but not everyone is sure this is the right approach. 

Photo by NYC Parks/Daniel Avila

Ranaqua Park reborn
Students from Mott Haven Academy helped cut the ribbon on Ranaqua Park on East 136th Street in Port Morris, following a $3.5 million renovation. The park, which now features swings, safety surfacing and new trees and greenery, is part of the city’s Community Parks Initiative, making it one of 17 Bronx parks receiving money for upgrades. New green infrastructure is intended to help manage stormwater runoff. That includes a rain garden, permeable pavers, synthetic turf field and flood-tolerant plants.

Ranaqua Park reborn

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Community urges state to change Sheridan plan

Community urges state to change Sheridan plan

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Concerned citizens gathered at Hunts Point Riverside park on Monday, urging Gov. Andrew Cuomo not to build off-ramps between the Sheridan and Edgewater Road.

Medics from FDNY Ladder 55 tend to a man who overdosed in St. Mary's Park. Photo: Trevor Boyer

The Lady of St. Mary’s

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Rivera says that soon after The Hole was closed, drug dealers sold her heroin that she tested and found positive for fentanyl, a cheap, potent opioid that dealers often use to stretch out batches.

Family renovates community garden, receives healing in return

Family renovates community garden, receives healing in return

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Recent research highlights the mental health benefits the Leon family experiences in the garden. One theory is that nature does not require focused attention. Scientists also point out that green spaces create a positive environment for developing strong social relations and avoiding loneliness, a major trigger of mental and physical illness.

Lead gardener Junior Schouten shows students how to properly pull weeds. Photo: Kevin Wheeler

High school garden is an oasis for students

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While the neighborhood is trying to buck its food desert status, diabetes and unhealthy food still abound, and fresh, healthy options remain scarce. But here, students say the garden has improved their eating habits and changed their perception of plants.

Port Morris residents Wren Patton (left) and Maxim Tumenev are softening soil in the Maria Sola Green Space. Photo: Scarlett Kuang

Volunteers adopt green space from transportation department

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Without a budget, the volunteers had to cut overgrowth with a weed whacker and water plants with two 10-gallon buckets.