Ground Zero: Health care professionals scramble to keep up with drug epidemic

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As the eyes of the nation turn to a troubling wave of opioid addiction in rural and suburban communities, residents of the South Bronx are asking what took them so long.

Counselors battle social misconceptions in treating drug abusers

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Watch a video of counselors and a recovering drug user documenting the challenges they face battling stereotypes surrounding addiction.

An advertisement on the subway warns the public about illegal drugs laced with fentanyl. Photo: Kalah Siegel

Genesis of Bronx harm reduction: the church

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Needle exchange programs were illegal in the United States at the time, despite their documented success by both the Government Accountability Office and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Discarded syringes on a Mott Haven street serve as a reminder of the epidemic at home. Photo: Kalah Siegel

An antidote in heavy demand

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I was assigned to cover heroin use in Mott Haven. As a reporter I’m responsible for learning the ins and outs of the “beat,” the neighborhood and the people that call it home.

Photo: Kalah Siegel

Heroin takes a heavy toll locally

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According to one officer, hand-to-hand business is vintage, and the “dead drop”—leaving money in one place and drugs in another separately, is the present—and the future.

Medics from FDNY Ladder 55 tend to a man who overdosed in St. Mary's Park. Photo: Trevor Boyer

The Lady of St. Mary’s

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Rivera says that soon after The Hole was closed, drug dealers sold her heroin that she tested and found positive for fentanyl, a cheap, potent opioid that dealers often use to stretch out batches.

Photo: Trevor Boyer

Clinic prepares public for fight against overdoses

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Last year, more people died from drug overdoses in the Bronx, the fourth most populous of New York’s five boroughs, than in any other.

Uninsured drug users face uphill battle

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Juan sleeps on the streets and keeps his possessions in a shopping cart with an ominous mask tied to the front. He stands gaunt and his hands are ashen, thick with muscle. When Mott Haven’s out-of-sight drug den, The Hole, closed in May, Juan found his way, along with manyRead More