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Uprooting a dangerous industry: Garbage reform explained

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Private carters, seeking to serve as many customers as possible, run routes that zig zag across the city, forcing drivers to work long hours and to ignore stop signs and speed limits, putting themselves and citizens at risk, critics say.

Latina entrepreneurs open paralegal firm

Latina entrepreneurs open paralegal firm

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“Showing clients that we are here to listen is essential,” said Swannie Batista. Sixty-eight percent of Mott Haven residents are Hispanic, leading her to conclude there was a need for Spanish speaking paralegals.

By Moises Mendez

Port Morris nightspot serves area history along with meals

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The hip hop restaurant centers around paying homage to many of the greats to have lent their lyricism to the genre generated in the Bronx.

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Elected officials tell City to finish the plaza 

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Construction on Roberto Clemente Plaza in the Hub stalled when the project’s contractor filed for bankruptcy in 2015. Elected officials were joined by resident leaders on Aug. 28 to pressure the City to finish the job already.

A vacant storefront on Third Avenue near The Hub.

Can pilot project help small businesses in The Hub survive?

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Business boosters hope a new initiative will help put a dent in the number of vacant storefronts in The Hub, while serving as a useful experiment for other city neighborhoods.

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Small businesses have mixed feelings about incoming chain stores

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The imminent arrival of a Burlington Coat Factory and a Marshall’s at 2948 Third Avenue—the site of the iconic Alexander’s Department Store—has some small businesses owners worried about their future, but others see the new chains as a good thing for everyone.

Amanda Septimo, (left) Phil Shearer, (middle) and Miguel Sanchez (right) plan for a pitch meeting in the MetaBronx office in Hunts Point. Photo: Carmen Reinicke

Tech accelerator attains nonprofit status to fund future programs

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After finding it tough to secure investments for many of the tech startups it works to help, MetaBronx has shifted its strategy away from venture capital firms.

Pop-up market open in the Hub until Jan. 6

Pop-up market open in the Hub until Jan. 6

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The new Third Avenue Holiday Market, located on the bustling corner of 149th Street at The Hub, will be open through the new year, offering items from local street vendors and artists, including clothing, jewelry and items from the farmers market.