A meeting of Radical Health members before social distancing took effect. Photo: Corey Torpie 

Radical Health wants to answer your coronavirus questions 

Many Mott Haven residents have valid concerns surrounding COVID-19, and Radical Health is ready to hear from them.  

Radical Health is the first Latina owned and operated public benefit corporation in New York City. The enterprise, founded by Ivelyse Andino, is committed to working at the intersection of community and health, as it shares information to empower Bronx residents to improve their health during this crucial time.

With the World Health Organization encouraging people to maintain social distancing, many residents are staying indoors for days, losing the sense of community that makes the Bronx what it is. 

“The challenge with this current pandemic is that we’re asked to ignore some of our cultural norms. We value coming together, family, and gatherings — and we’re being asked to distance ourselves,” said Andino, a former pharmaceutical marketing professional.

Radical Health has a plan in action to meet residents where they are, with updates to their social app – Radical Response.

Working with a team of advocates and doctors, they’re encouraging community members to know they don’t have to disown one another, and encouraging them to text/call their neighbors, and remind one another that this is going to require effort from everyone and that the Bronx will make it through this crisis.

Head of Programs Stacey Cabezas shared her concerns, as well as tips to stay safe.

“We want to ensure that we look into the facts, and not let the panic and anxiety get to us. Right now, we want the community to continue sanitizing, washing our hands, wearing latex gloves, and taking the proper precautions,” she said.

Residents can submit their questions on the Radical Health website https://www.radical-health.com/radicalresponse and receive information in English and Spanish.

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