Scholarship created to honor memory of activist

For the Ramon Jimenez for NYS Attorney General

To honor the legacy of Ramón Jiménez, Hostos Community College announced it will establish a scholarship in the South Bronx-based lawyer and activist’s name.

Jiménez died last May following a long battle with prostate cancer.

Full-time students enrolled in their final college year at Hostos will be eligible for the Ramón Jiménez Memorial Scholarship of Social Policy and Practice. The $500 scholarship will be awarded twice annually.

Evangeline Quintana, a member of the family that created the scholarship, said it is meant to honor both Jiménez’s commitment to social justice and his legacy at Hostos, where he led a revolt to keep the city from closing the community college down and where he taught for many years.

“Ramón spearheaded the organization of hundreds of individuals in the community, Hostos students, as well as other supporting student activists from several CUNY colleges in the city, to join in the Hostos Occupation to keep the college alive,” said Quintana.

Jiménez was the Freedom Party’s candidate for New York State attorney general in 2010, then ran for the same position on the Green Party ticket in 2014.

The public is encouraged to donate to the fund.

Click here for full details, including criteria and deadlines for the scholarship.