SoBRO gets EPA grant for Bronx River project

SoBRO receives federal grant to work with community to plan for cleanup and development of the Bronx River-Sheridan Expressway Corridor.

SoBRO has been awarded a federal planning grant to work with South Bronx residents and businesses to develop a plan for cleaning up polluted sites along the Bronx River, and developing them.

The US Environmental Protection Agency awarded its Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Grant to the Mott Haven-based organization to study the Bronx River-Sheridan Expressway Corridor.

The area encompasses 750 acres, including 28 contaminated acres, or brownfields. Nearly 75,000 residents live in the area, which encompasses parts of Longwood and Soundview.

SoBRO’s president and CEO Phillip Morrow said the project will build on the U.S. Department of Transportation-funded 2013 “Sheridan-Hunts Point Land Use and Transportation Study,” with the goal of creating industrial, residential, commercial, and recreational opportunities while cleaning up contamination on both sides of the river.

The Bronx Office of the city’s Department of City Planning and Soundview-based non-profit Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice will collaborate on the project.