Maria del Carmen Arroyo

Campaign Finance Board denies Arroyo funds

As the race nears the home stretch, a challenger has more spending power.

Maria del Carmen Arroyo
Maria del Carmen Arroyo

But incumbent says she will continue fundraising

One local politician is conspicuously absent from the latest list of candidates getting public funds to run for office.

For the second time in two weeks, on Aug. 15 the city’s Campaign Finance Board denied City Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo’s request for public funds to help finance her effort to keep the seat to which she was first elected in 2005.

The board granted Arroyo’s opponent, first-time candidate Julio Pabon, $4,313, bringing his total in public funds so far to $48,397, along with $21,954 in contributions, for a total of $70,351. Pabon has spent $7,283 of that money.

Arroyo has raised $78,442, according to the filings she submitted to the board, but has spent $71,611. Most of that has gone to her husband, who has been paid $50,000 by the campaign, according to its filings with the Campaign Finance Board.

As a result, although Arroyo has garnered almost four times as much in contributions, Pabon has 10 times as much to spend–$63,068–with four weeks to go before the the Sept. 10 vote.

The board does not announce its reasons for denying funds, and Arroyo would not speculate on the reason the board turned her down, but said that she is “in the process of getting statements from the individuals who contributed” to her campaign to submit to the board.

“We will continue raising money,” she said.

She has two more opportunities to apply for public funds before the Sept. 10 primary.