Borough President calls for gun crime registry

The Bronx Borough President wants the New York State Legislature to create a new online registry that would list gun owners who have been convicted of gun-related crimes.

In his annual State of the Borough address on March 5,, Ruben Diaz Jr. urged the legislature to establish a gun crime registry that would echo the state’s sex offender registry.

The proposal calls for perpetrators to regularly update NYPD about their residence and employment for ten years, after which they could have their names removed from the registry if they have not reoffended.

“Law-abiding citizens ought to know who among us is responsible for gun violence, and this initiative will do just that,” Diaz Jr. said, adding that those who have used a gun while committing a crime “are not allowed to escape the spotlight.”

Among other requirements, those convicted of gun crimes would have to provide police with their addresses once a year, notify NYPD within ten days of moving, and must verify their addresses with police every 90 days within three years after the conviction.

In addition, those unable to find a job would receive career counseling and job training.

Failure to comply with the reporting requirements could result in a felony.

“An easily-accessible gun crime registry will serve as an excellent tool not only to keep neighborhoods informed about crime, but to serve as a deterrent from such acts,” said Diaz Jr.

In addition, Diaz Jr. said he wants the legislature to enact new laws requiring ammunition microstamping, limiting the number of guns and amount of ammunition a customer can buy, and requiring gun license applicants pass a drug test.

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