Residents asked for ideas on waterfront

The Pratt Center for Community Development is lending a hand to the Harlem River Working Group with an online survey designed to gather feedback on its proposed redesign of the waterfront to create more public access.

The survey focuses on the priorities of Mott Haven residents, and the results will be used to refine the Working Group’s redesign ideas.

“We’re mostly providing technical assistance,” said Eve Baron, a senior public policy analyst at the Pratt Center who helped design the survey. “The Working Group has come up with so many ideas and we’re here to help them collect some community input and make sense of all the feedback.”

The survey asks 18 questions designed to gain insight into such issues as waterfront access and such public facilities as boat launches and green space.

In conjunction with design students from the Pratt Institute, the Harlem River Working Group has been working on a comprehensive plan for the waterfront since March. It will unveil its plan and ask for feedback at a public meeting on June 11 from at the Bronx Museum on the Grand Concourse and East 165th Street.

The survey, can be found by clicking here.