Artists renew effort to float giant dome

Harvest Dome, as the artists hope it will look. Photo illustration by Bronx River Crossing

Thwarted by wind and water in their effort last fall to float a huge dome built of discarded umbrellas from Hunts Point to the Harlem River and upriver to Inwood, the artists behind Harvest Dome have launched an effort to rebuilt their sculpture.

Using the Internet fund-raisng site Kickstarter, Amanda Schachter and Alexander Levi are seeking to raise $7,500 by March 10 to rebuild the dome. The first dome foundered at Rikers Island in October and was destroyed by jail personnel.

The pair intended the dome, constructed of umbrellas and floated on pontoons of soda bottles, to call attention to how much debris is found in New York City’s waterways.

Because the currents in the East River off Hunts Point were so unkind to the first project, the artists are planning to build the new dome nearer its final destination in Inwood Hill Park.

Among the rewards offered to contributors are remnants of the wrecked dome.
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