Friends of Brook Park says ‘Draw us in’

A rendering shows how a pier at Brook Park might look.
An organization that has long crusaded for a waterfront park at the end of Park Avenue is calling on the city to make its creation possible by redrawing the boundaries of its blueprint for the Lower Grand Concourse.

All that is required is moving the southern boundary “a mere 100 feet to the South along the Harlem River” Harry Bubbins, the director of the Friends of Brook Park, told the City Planning Commission at its April 1 hearing.

While he applauded the plan’s vision of a waterfront promenade and new parks elsewhere along the Harlem, he noted that the city planners have acknowledged that it would be some time before those projects are built, and said even when they were, they would not provide a launch for small boats.

Brook Park, on the other hand, is “shovel ready,” he said. It is already used informally for boating, and could achieve immediate access to the river at little cost, he continued.

Friends of Brook Park was formed in 1999 and has been working ever since to create a park at 141st Street and Brook Avenue. It calls for removing asphalt, uncovering an underground brook, planting trees and creating a natural labyrinth.